Asili Agriculture is an integrated food security platform
for East Africa

About Us

Asili was established in 2012 in Western Uganda and Our Purpose is to catalyze a more equitable, resilient and regenerative food system. 

Asili is a leading employer, investor, producer, aggregator and service provider across the major grain and oilseed value chains in East Africa. Our team equips the farming community and key food system Stakeholders with the technical skills, tools and services to transform agriculture into the flourishing industry it ought to be.
Our Vision is a food system in harmony with nature that empowers farmers, nourishes communities, and creates local prosperity.


Men, women & youth Employed

Ugandan small-scale Producers we partner with

metric tons of produce

Our work

Our Mission is to deliver integrated agricultural land management & marketplace solutions that empower farmers and food system stakeholders to increase profitability, resilience and nutrition sustainably.

Asili is a large-scale producer of maize, soybean, sunflower and beans. On our innovation farms, the Asili Farms, we develop highly productive and climate-smart agronomic protocols based on conservation agriculture practices, to unlock the potential of Uganda’s rich soils to feed the region.

Asili, through its hubs in Western and Northern Uganda, is a vital partner to both small-scale and large-scale producers as well as to agricultural commodity buyers, inputs and service providers. We extend a wide range of bundled services to transfer our capability and know-how to producers and we source, aggregate, handle and store produce to unlock high-value markets, aggregating their produce and enabling them to thrive.

Our customers depend on Asili to reliably and affordably supply quality products in order to feed over a million East Africans annually.

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